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For over a decade, Dana Pretzer has been doing his own brand of unique, entertaining, informed and refreshing style of talk radio. Talk radio where he allows the guest to talk, answer questions and inform the listeners on the important news stories of the day. Dana refers to it as "Main Street Media." We like to refer to it as a welcome and appreciated change.

Dana Pretzer brings his energetic yet relaxed demeanor and his well prepared yet spontaneous style of interviews to Scared Monkeys. Along with some of the biggest and most high-profile guests in the news today. Dana also brings a background in satellite radio and over 20 years in law enforcement. That, coupled with his relaxed yet professional and focused demeanor, makes him a natural behind the SMR microphone.

Dana and Scared Monkeys Radio focuses on Missing Persons, Unsolved Mysteries, Victims Rights, Politics, Crime & Punishment, Exploited Children, Entertainment, Technology and whatever the breaking and relevant stories are of the day. The stories that people want to talk about and hear.
Daily Commentary – Friday, September 17th, 2010 – Acid Victim Accused of Throwing Acid in Her Own Face
September 17th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • If it’s true, what could drive a person to do that?

Daily Commentary – Thursday, September 16th, 2010 – New Scam Victimizes Seniors
September 16th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • People have been calling the elderly on the phone claiming to be a grandchild needing bail money.

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 – Harry Reid’s “Dream Act”
September 15th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • Reid wants to tack  immigration legislation to a senate defense policy bill intended to “provide a path for young illegal immigrants to go to college and join the military.”

The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 – Special Guests: Jacque Macdonald, Clint Van Zandt and Lisa Wojna
September 14th, 2010 under Clint Van Zandt, Guests, Missing Persons, Show Line Ups, The Dana Pretzer Show, True Crime. [ Comments: none ]



Tonight Dana welcomes special guests:

  • Jacque Macdonald - Victims advocate and Talk Show host  with an update on the Debi Whitlock murder case.
  • Clint Van Zandt - Former FBI agent, safety expert and author discussing the recent acid attacks on young women, and what’s going on with the Kyron Horman case.
  • Author Lisa Wojna  discussing her book Unsolved Murders In Canada and her new project on Canada’s Most Wanted.

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 – Democrats to Tap “Bieber Fever” for Votes
September 14th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • Apparently they’re trying to use the young pop star to get college kids to vote, and to get younger kids to pressure parents into voting.

Daily Commentary – Monday, September 13th, 2010 – Stick to What You Know
September 13th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • After Larry King retires, should he go back to radio?

Daily Commentary – Friday, September 10th, 2010 – Chicago Politics Get Weirder
September 10th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • Richard Daley will not run for another term as Mayor, and rumor has it Rahm Emmanuel may run in his place.

Daily Commentary – Thursday, September 9th, 2010 – Deputy Sues Los Angeles County for Discrimination Related to Mel Gibson Arrest
September 9th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • The deputy who arrested Mel Gibson in 2006 claims he was denied promotion as a result of religious discrimination and retaliation.

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 – Rodney King to Marry Juror
September 8th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • The famous victim of a police beating that sparked race riots almost two decades ago is now marrying one of the jurors from the civil trial that ended up awarding him millions in damages.

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 – Woe is Joran Van der Sloot
September 7th, 2010 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • He complains that the Holloways have made his life difficult, but who is going to take him seriously?

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