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For over a decade, Dana Pretzer has been doing his own brand of unique, entertaining, informed and refreshing style of talk radio. Talk radio where he allows the guest to talk, answer questions and inform the listeners on the important news stories of the day. Dana refers to it as "Main Street Media." We like to refer to it as a welcome and appreciated change.

Dana Pretzer brings his energetic yet relaxed demeanor and his well prepared yet spontaneous style of interviews to Scared Monkeys. Along with some of the biggest and most high-profile guests in the news today. Dana also brings a background in satellite radio and over 20 years in law enforcement. That, coupled with his relaxed yet professional and focused demeanor, makes him a natural behind the SMR microphone.

Dana and Scared Monkeys Radio focuses on Missing Persons, Unsolved Mysteries, Victims Rights, Politics, Crime & Punishment, Exploited Children, Entertainment, Technology and whatever the breaking and relevant stories are of the day. The stories that people want to talk about and hear.
Daily Commentary – Thursday, April 30, 2015 – Much Anticipation About the Police Report in the Freddie Gray Case
April 30th, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • The police will release the report on Friday to the prosecutor, how long before we find out what’s in the report?

The Dana Pretzer Show – Wednesday, April 29, 2015 – At 9pm ET, With Special Guests Bobby Brown and Robin Sax Discussing the Baltimore Riots
April 29th, 2015 under Bobby Brown, Robin Sax, Show Line Ups, The Dana Pretzer Show. [ Comments: none ]



Daily Commentary – Wednesday, April 29, 2015 – Preview of Tonights Dana Pretzer Show at 9PM ET
April 29th, 2015 under Daily Commentary, Guests, Robin Sax. [ Comments: none ]

  • Please join us for tonight’s show with special guests, bounty hunter Bobby Brown and attorney Robin Sax both discussing the problems in Baltimore

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, April 28, 2015 – Reports Are That NBC is Trying to Force Brian Williams to Resign
April 28th, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • He has a 50 million dollar contract and could get as much as $30 million to resign

Daily Commentary – Monday, April 27, 2015 – I Was Surprised at the Bruce Jenner Interview Friday Night
April 27th, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • Surprised that I appreciated Jenner’s honesty. I still don’t claim to understand it all but it must have been difficult for Jenner to speak out this way

Daily Commentary – Friday, April 24, 2015 – Tonight is the Bruce Jenner Interview with Diane Sawyer
April 24th, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • “The Interview” will certainly show a completely different side of Bruce Jenner than the Olympic champion we used to know

Daily Commentary – Thursday, April 23, 2015 – Proposed New Federal Rules For Police Recruits
April 23rd, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • The Policing 101 rules say things like: Do not imitate the speech patterns of others, Avoid expressing stereotypical assumptions, Tell a person why he or she was stopped, etc..

Daily Commentary – Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – Chief of Fox News, Roger Ailes, Opens Up to the Hollywood Reporter
April 22nd, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

Daily Commentary – Tuesday, April 21, 2015 – Prosecutors Can Use the Youtube Videos of Hip Hop Group Together Forever Mafia
April 21st, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

Daily Commentary – Monday, April 20, 2015 – Physicians at Columbia University Want Dr. Oz Removed From His Faculty Position
April 20th, 2015 under Daily Commentary. [ Comments: none ]

  • Accusing Dr. Oz of an “manifesting an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain.”

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