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Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Friday, November 30, 2007 – Joe Tacopina Accuses Jossy Mansur Of Fabricating Evidence?
November 30th, 2007 Aruba, Daily Commentary, Natalee Holloway, News of the Day, Podcasts

  • Dana is flabbergasted at what he “thinks” he heard Joe Tacopina accuse Jossy Mansur of!

Comment from LilPuma November 30, 2007, 6:42 pm

I didn’t see this in the last few days, but I remember Tacopina’s meltdown earlier this year when he called Jossy senile and talked as though it was irresponsible for Fox to let Jossy talk on their network. It was worded like a threat as I recall. This has been the mantra of Aruba supporters and Beth detractors all along. Anyone who speaks out against the poor handling of this case, against the Van Der Sloots and Paulus’s friends involvement in the investigation, or for Beth and Dave are liars and frauds. In other words, they have consistently accused anyone supporting Beth of what the Van der Sloot camp is guilty of.

Comment from Sarah Cooper November 30, 2007, 9:35 pm

You heard it right. It make my blood boil. Mr. Mansur has always been a very honest and fore right man when interviewed. Greta always let defense lawyers railroad people. Please Mr. Mansur confront her on her bad treatment of you ,as guest with information we in USA want to hear from you. Thank you for sharing facts with us. Columbus, MS

Comment from Levi November 30, 2007, 9:55 pm

Joe Tacopina is like Lin Wood, he is an ambulance chasing lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer who bullies and doesn’t want the truth to be told.

Comment from PL Robbins November 30, 2007, 10:33 pm

I am eqaully appalled at the tactics used on TV by this attorney. And I agree that we need to let these programs no that if they continue to have this guy on their shows we will turn the off.

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