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Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Friday, December 21, 2007 – Dana Reflects On His Interview With Natalee Holloway’s Stepfather, George “Jug” Twitty
December 21st, 2007 Aruba, Daily Commentary, Natalee Holloway, Podcasts

  • Dana discusses his recent interview with Jug (click here to listen) and offers some advice for would-be international travelers.

Comment from CapslockWizard December 21, 2007, 4:24 pm

Dear Dana, I do think that in Aruba and the whole country got it wrong.

If the Investigators cannot find Nathalie is because they are searching and looking in the wrong places.
If you ask yourself this question: “Where would I hide a body so that nobody will find it?”
The answers are a lot of places can be used, but for a logic thinker there is only one answer.
And form all the articles that I have read, nobody have suggested and even mention this place.
Lets test the Logic:
In Aruba in when someone dies, they can be put to rest in two forms.
1. In the grounds
2. In a Kelder with 4 or 6 rooms constructed out of brick and mortar above ground in public eye site in the cemetary. These Kelders belong to a Family and they buy these plots form the church in the cemetery and build the Kelders on it and leave it open for when the moment arrived you have a place to rest.
Both types of method funerals will take place only in a CEMETARY.
There are a lot of CEMETARY in Aruba and most of them have KELDERS and a lot are left OPEN for when he or she dies will be buried close in the Family plot.
My logic:
The reason that no one can find her is that she must be among all the dead in the cemetery and who is going to search a cemetery for a body where there is already a lot of body in the place.
Logic test: You will never find an open grave in the ground because when someone dies in Aruba and need to be buried in the ground, the Funeral home in charge of the body will give orders to dig a grave for this person in a district in accordance with the family wishes.
To dig a grave 6 feet deep and wide enough for a body will take a lot of time by hand. Beside the ground will look disturb by the cemetery keeper. So I believe that these 4 perps would not have the time to dig a grave.
If you have a dead body on your hand and you need to hide it fast, the only way is to put it in an open Kelder and with only five to 6 bricks and and a bucket of cement and you are done. And if you want to make it look professional, can even give it a coat of paint color white which is the mostly use.
This last process is very easy done with 3 or 4 person.
a. Move dead body to a cemetery,
b. Cemetry door closed, then jump the fence with the body.
c. Inside the cemetery fined an open Kelder or break one open.
d. Put body in it
e. Go and get 6 pieces of bricks or use bricks that are in the cemetery already.
f. Make cement in a bucket
g. Use the bricks to close the small walls of the Kelder.
h. Paint the wall
And you are done.
Now nobody can’t find her because we are looking outside the box, we have been looking too much outside the realm of logic. The Logic is, nobody is going to look in a cemetery and if you are going to search a cemetery, it will be difficult to search without disturbing the graves. And another drawback is that you need permission of the families to open all the Kelders.
And this is my theory on this case and my logic thinking.

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