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Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Tuesday, February 5, 2008 – Dana Discusses Joran’s Confession With Several Well Known Prosecutors On Tonight’s Dana Pretzer Show
February 5th, 2008 Aruba, Daily Commentary, Missing Persons, Natalee Holloway, News of the Day, Podcasts

  • Dana weighs in on Joran Van Der Sloot’s  statements and talks with some experts about Joran’s confession.

Comment from Rev. Drew Richards February 5, 2008, 6:11 am

Natalee Holoway:
A likely Scenario for Murder:

I know its a bit windy but read if you can.

Lets put heads together and add ALL the pieces in one place?

First off I will not Bash or bad mouth the Netherlands or their awesome people over a bunch of Giligan’s Island retards that still believe ARUBA is their own little kingdom. This is counter productive to solving the case.

I WILL agree that the United States should FORMALLY put ARUBA on the “DO NOT TRAVEL” list until this is resolved!

Please remember ARUBA or as I like to call it: BloodSand Island is a tiny speck of land in the Netherlands Kingdom…

NO i’m not Dutch, i’m American, nor have I ever been fortunate enough to travel to the Netherlands but, I can read a map and also noticed that undersea terrain maps list that almost anywhere 1 mile off the island is 500-1000 feet deep…

I will however say that I am pissed off at the (Official Title I think:) “First Prosecutor” and the Lovely Queen Beatrix for not getting involved in this debacle after over 2 years!

They should have sat this bunch of rejects from law school down and said “WE ARE TAKING OVER and this is day one of the investigation, and you are all fired!

In the United States, when a CRIMINAL case is so obviously improperly done, (Think Jon Benet Ramsey) it is taken over by the Attorney General and assigned a Special Prosecutor/investigator, The FBI is called in to take over the investigative side as well to rule out “LOCAL BIAS and local COLOR”

THIS WAS NEVER DONE….They sent jets to fly over and an “Inspector” for a day? to check on the progress…wow so um how ya doing great..ok well I gotta head back to the Hague then to

Some things really dont add up with all the different versions and half truths we have been given.

It’s unlikely we will ever know the truth without “waterboarding” all these suspects…
waterboarding works!
Electro Shock WORKS!
Chemical interrogation WORKs!!!

basically Torture works and I believe it is a valuble tool that under a doctors supervision should be used…sometimes…

don’t let any quack doctor fool you and say I can’t make you tell me the truth…
I will torture you till you dont remember what you have said before and then slap a lie detector on you while you’re still recovering…Then I pump you full of Sodium Amytol Barb and I get the truth…
sadly im retired and a religious now…so..umm..I guess I can’t do that now…but I can dream…Muhahaha

DOCUMENTED COMMENTS SECTION: You can skip if you want…or add other documented comments for me to intergrate.

We took her to Jorans house then the beach…( standard practice take her here for the start, dump later)

We use cell phones to time our exit from C&C’s…( persistent MO shows premeditation)

she tripped and fell getting out of the car… (plausable excuse for injury while under influence of drugs and excuse for visable bodily damage to the person)

your own father… (declarative statement by a Kalope brother in police van indicates Father was involved in some form of action that night)

I didnt pick you up…(declaration by Kalope brother to distance individual from corpse, not a declaration they were not there earlier)

neither did I… (declaration of distancing from corpse ***see above)

I had to do a bank deposit for my son… (Criminal declarative to assert a timeline while disposing of corpse)

We have a grave site… (but duh guess we wont secure it or go there for 10 days) (Declaritive statement to the public to make it appear investigation is moving forward. In the aftermath it looks more like a deception that was forced on Chief Dompeg by the Father or another Official)

He told me go to school tomorrow act normal…(An admission of intimacy by suspect that person/persons know to him and his routine was directing his actions from time corpse was discovered)

A friend for a lifetime Daury (possibly Croes)he has a boat… (An admission of the true FINAL KNOWN location alive or dead of Natalee Holloway…On a boat going out to sea…)

A frantic phone call at 2:00 something and at 2:30 your “friend” is there to help you.(An admission of again Intimacy on the part of assistence he received with Natalee’s body alive or dead)

There was a strange burning with an odor reported by numerous (ok well 3 ) guests of the hotel one night after she was missing. (Articles of clothing tossed into a fire at original dump/burial site)

A judge makes a “PERSONAL” visit to the Van Der Sloots residence and tells the police that the OPEN! Search warrant is now reduced to exclusively Jorans small bungalo. (This screams COLLUSION on the part of officials in
the legal government of the Netherlands whom these clowns on ARUBA are supposed to be representing by their laws and actions…shudder)

A Bible is given to Joran in jail who is NOT religious…(messages from his father?)

A loose comment over heard in jail spoken by Jorans father “NO Body No case” (an indication Joran does not have to worry because the corpse has been disposed of permanantly)

There are hundreds more you are welcome to add and together we can piece together their case for them if they are to damn lazy to do the work… Just post em and I will intergrate…

Here are the inserts IN-BETWEEN the lines of truth and falsehood that Joran told the hidden cameras, and in the van to police, in jail cell, in interviews…

Natalee Holloway:
A Likely Scenario for Murder:

1. Joran and “the idiot brothers” make a habit of picking out a girl, likely the brothers slip the drug so Joran can always claim HONESTLY he didnt drug her….once druged they coordinate their timing via cell phones to leave and pretend the “Idiot Brothers” are a local taxi. Unsuspecting girl enters back seat and now shes theirs…

Now normally this is no problem because they prey on tourists that are leaving the next day…I wonder how many women this has happened to that are too embarrassed or have no memory from the drugs.

2. They take her back to Jorans home and there the “Idiot Brothers” photo/film/video Joran first raping the girl then they each assault her…
Why was there no search of the rest of the house and WHY was there no phones/camera’s or computers? of ANY type EVER recovered from the home?

At least every one in the home had a cell phone…
The family has at least two computers…
every one has at least one camera…

NOTE:ALL three of the original suspects have NUMERIOUS snapshots of them out on the town and videos on their homespace pages…so..ummm SOMEONE has to be taking the picture? WHY was there no investigation of the computers/phones/camera’s in the home?

In the case of Natalee Holloway I believe Jorans father came home intoxicated from the Casino that night and possibly joined in the assault.
Once he was finished he told them to get her out of the house.
Who knows she could well have been assaulted in the main home but…

Since a judge buddy personally came to the home and limited the search we will never know..(OH the first search never even occured until 10 days had passed)
Umm didn’t the Judge just violate a code of ethics?
There are code of ethics for judges in the Netherlands right?

That would guarantee his fathers assistence with a corpse disposal…
His father might be involved in assaulting her.

3. “The Dump” As with all their victims…

Next they take her to the beach near her hotel rape her again before their planned dumping on the beach.

At this point two different things could occur.

She starts to wake up and is physically harmed causing grave injury intentional or accidental…or she has a total cardio-respriatory shutdown due to a drug overdose…lactic-acidosis, heart arythmia, coma and death due to a depressed cardio-vascular system is typical for a GHB and Rohypnol overdose and can even present as a deep coma without there being immediate termination of life…

Either way at this point they could have been HUMANE and called an ambulance or the police and then fled…

I believe Panic caused something else to occur…The “idiot brothers” fled leaving Joran with a very sick girl.

4. The “idiot Brothers” Freek out and leave Joran holding the bag. Now Joran is stuck with no ride and a dying woman…whats he do? Frantic phone call around 2:00AM who do YOU call when in trouble and KNOW they will help you?

Well me personally I would have called for an ambulance and dealt with the fall out… What did Joran do by his own admission?

He makes a frantic phone call to a friend…WAIT! hmm where is his Cell phone at this point? we know he had one because they admited they coordinated the exit from C&C’s? Why is there no mention of this phone after C&C’s? Why did he need a pre-paid one in jail if he already owned one?

Frantic phone call to someone you trust with your life… MOMMY or DADDY…(MOMMY was not home it was documented)

I know my first call would be to an ambulance, then my Father, a Brother, Family member or someone I considered a brother…to ask what I should do…and to get a lawyer.

I would guess he called a friend such as Croes and got no answer until the next day…or a get lost answer from whomever he called…so he then called his Father who since he had possibly assaulted the child as well, has to cover
for his son…or he goes to jail too…

He calls PAPA!!! and Paulus comes to the rescue they hurridly bury her temporarily until PAPA can get all his buddies looking the wrong way and obeying him…

5. For 10 days they did not search,arrest,question,investigate or even basically search around the hotel?
This inaction by the police department gives ANYONE involved plenty of time to make up alibies, scenarios, false documentation, and of course arrangements for a body.

One or two days after death Paulus and or Joran got his “friend, or persons unknown or not identified” possibly this same LIFELONG FRIEND with a BOAT!!! Daury? Croes? is it? to assist in the removal and cremation of the body.
When they realized that burning a body out in the open leaves a lot of forensic evidence they went to plan B and put the remains in a crab/lobster basket, weighted it down with anchors and took it out to sea.

DID anybody investigate if anyone reported lost anchors/fishing gear in those 10 days and purchased a replacement or two? Maybe someone connected to the family? ANYBODY doubt it was never looked into just like the
camera/phone/computer angle?

Lets say his boat buddys ship can cruise at 30 knots an hour. Paulus has a time discrepancy of 3 hours one or two? days after Natalee went missing…”he was at the bank doing a deposite for Joran”

so lets say 1 hour out to sea 1 back 30 mins to clean boat and 30 mins to alibi at bank and we get depending on their patience 1-33 miles out shes more than likely past international waters in 500-1000feet of water…only a deep submersable can get there.

IF, IF we get lucky and find her remains, how about this…

To help recover the respect due people of the Netherlands AND to placate all of us armchair detectives:…

HEY GEORGE BUSH wanna go out with a star on your plate?
Hey Queen Beatrix wanna earn the respect of the world and the admiration of the average US citizen?

Well first off, assign a First Prosecutor and investigative team from the capital to come out and start



How about join together and assign Deep submersables and a medical ship to the island.

If remains are found in territorial waters assign a special prosecutor to start from scratch!

Show the world that the Netherlands will not stand for this type of incompetance even from a little island region under your domain!

I for one would be proud to call myself a friend of the Netherlands if that occured.

If remains are found in International waters have them transferred to the USN Medical Ship and pass or even SHARE jurisdiction to the United States? Allow the UNITED STATES with all of its expertise to launch an investigation with the full authority of the Netherlands to incarcerate, interrogate and prosecute ALL parties involved.

THEN we can take jurisdiction from these Peons from the “Justice League” of Aruba…

I am sorry for the insult,

Its not for the people of ARUBA or the Netherlands or your lovely Queen Beatrix, I cannot blame them for the corruption and failings of a few individuals…

I can like any US citizen raise my voice to BAN ARUBA FROM TRAVEL!

Hurting all of you even if only a little bit Via sanctions to not allow travel to your little bit of paradise.

Because of the actions of a corrupt few…its the only action we Americans have short of taking over your little Island country… which is being bandied in some circles of mercenarys

This is not a threat but it is a heads-up, that there are a lot of semi-retired and retired mercs that are just waiting for someone to cough up the cash to take ALL of the parties involved Civilian and Governmental for a little boat cruise of their own special making. I have even heard of a nice permanant stop in Curacao for the women involved…

And the list of people involved in this travesty just like the list of Mercs is getting larger EVERYDAY,

If the government won’t respond to the people, the people will respond to the government in a way that will not be conducive to stable government.

Yours truly,

Reverend Drew Richards.

Comment from Jeff February 5, 2008, 9:18 am

It’s amazing that the disappearance, the involvement of three youths, the phone calls, missing shoes, disposal of body and subsuquent cover up would at least have left some clues for the cluless aruban officials… but no, not a stitch of evidence… I say impossible

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