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For over a decade, Dana Pretzer has been doing his own brand of unique, entertaining, informed and refreshing style of talk radio. Talk radio where he allows the guest to talk, answer questions and inform the listeners on the important news stories of the day. Dana refers to it as "Main Street Media." We like to refer to it as a welcome and appreciated change.

Dana Pretzer brings his energetic yet relaxed demeanor and his well prepared yet spontaneous style of interviews to Scared Monkeys. Along with some of the biggest and most high-profile guests in the news today. Dana also brings a background in satellite radio and over 20 years in law enforcement. That, coupled with his relaxed yet professional and focused demeanor, makes him a natural behind the SMR microphone.

Dana and Scared Monkeys Radio focuses on Missing Persons, Unsolved Mysteries, Victims Rights, Politics, Crime & Punishment, Exploited Children, Entertainment, Technology and whatever the breaking and relevant stories are of the day. The stories that people want to talk about and hear.
The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Tuesday, March 18, 2008 – Guests Include Dr. Clint Van Zandt, Vincent Carrella, Robin Sax and Larry Garrison
March 18th, 2008 Clint Van Zandt, Podcasts, Robin Sax, The Dana Pretzer Show

Join dana tonight as he welcomes:

Comment from Anonymous April 8, 2008, 3:20 am

I don’t understand you people, you manipulation of the truth is incredible. I’ve been living in this island for almost 17 years and is the first time that something like Nathalie’s case happen here on this island.
Of course that is not fare that he got away with it.until now, Because nobody have the right to take somebody else’s live. but don’t you think that boycotting aruba is also a crime?
dont take me wrong . because im not taking any sides but the one of my loggic.
there is people loosing their jobs. this people need these jobs to support their families. and you are taking that away from them. have you seem any country that dedicates a national off day to search for some missing girl.. well Aruba did. but nobody sees that. they only want vengeance no matter what. in the USA people dispared every day. so what your are talking about.. if you want to make joran and father live miserable go ahead, but don’t make a hole country paid for one person crime .. that is also wrong .. .. think about it and reflexed..

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