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Scared Monkeys Radio Daily Commentary – Monday, July 28, 2008 – There’s More Going On In The Caylee Marie Anthony Case Than What We Know
July 28th, 2008 Caylee / Casey Anthony, Daily Commentary, Missing Persons, News of the Day, Podcasts

  • Dana points out the many anomalies found in the stories and 911 tapes from mother Casey Marie Anthony and grandmother Cindy Anthony

Comment from Shiloh July 29, 2008, 11:43 am

Cindy Anthony has stated that when she found Casey she took her to the house and they worked on setting up a web site to search for Cay lee.
On the phone call she has denied that Casey spoke to the police on the 911 call. Cindy called in to report a stolen car very calmly. She then tried to sound excited when she called in the Cay lee is missing-”I just found out my granddaughter is missing”. Then says to Casey “I have given you 30 days”
Which is it?????????
“the car smells like a dead body” it smells like pizza? Any one who has smelled a dump and has had the displeasure of smelling human decomposition can tell the difference.
Human decomposition has a distinct smell.
I heard her receive the phone call from Cay lee? It just went blank.
Did the two year old dial the phone?
Casey says she lost her phone prior to her receiving the call.
This is another lie – between the daughter and the mother.
There is a babysitter-She is invisible to everyone else. Grandparents never met her.
Neighbor says the grandmother always had the child. Is there a job??? Where has Casey been for the past two years when she “goes to work” Lack of a paycheck must have alarmed the grandparents.
Is Casey employed in a illegal business or the entertainment industry?
Who is this Tony????
Does he have a criminal record??? What ever he does Casey must condone.
Where is Cindy’s phone????
Did Cindy Anthony destroy evidence she retrieved from Tony’s apartment???
Why would anyone call the grandmother with a lead before the police-are they interested in money?????
Why is the grandmother screaming in every interview?? Does she have a psych hx.???? If she relates to the world similar to a person with borderline personality. Grief usually does not make you hostile and verbally assaultive.
All we have are questions…there are no answers here
Everyone involved needs to attend “a come to Jesus” meeting.
Think of the money spend investigating each made up lead.

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