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For over a decade, Dana Pretzer has been doing his own brand of unique, entertaining, informed and refreshing style of talk radio. Talk radio where he allows the guest to talk, answer questions and inform the listeners on the important news stories of the day. Dana refers to it as "Main Street Media." We like to refer to it as a welcome and appreciated change.

Dana Pretzer brings his energetic yet relaxed demeanor and his well prepared yet spontaneous style of interviews to Scared Monkeys. Along with some of the biggest and most high-profile guests in the news today. Dana also brings a background in satellite radio and over 20 years in law enforcement. That, coupled with his relaxed yet professional and focused demeanor, makes him a natural behind the SMR microphone.

Dana and Scared Monkeys Radio focuses on Missing Persons, Unsolved Mysteries, Victims Rights, Politics, Crime & Punishment, Exploited Children, Entertainment, Technology and whatever the breaking and relevant stories are of the day. The stories that people want to talk about and hear.
The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Thursday, October 23, 2008 – Guests Include Dr. Bev Smallwood Discussing High-Profile News Cases, Elaine Buff (Sister of Slain Police Officer Davina Buff Jones) and Mark Williams (Seen Nightly On Nancy Grace). Also Appearing, Leonard Padilla
October 23rd, 2008 Caylee / Casey Anthony, Mark Williams, Missing Persons, Podcasts, The Dana Pretzer Show

Dana welcomes:

  • Dr. Bev Smallwood discusses today’s high-profile cases including Casey Anthony and The Anthony Family and OJ Simpson
  • Elaine Buff tells us “What Really Happened” in the case of her slain sister, police officer Davina Buff Jones
  • Mark Williams, News Director at WNDB-AM and seen nightly on Nancy Grace will discuss the Anthony case
  • Leonard Padilla, former Casey Anthony Bail Bondsman

Comment from Elaine October 23, 2008, 9:01 pm

Thank you so much!!!!

Comment from LilPuma October 23, 2008, 9:22 pm

I’ve missed several shows due to family matters, but this was a good one, as usual. I am particularly interested in Davina Buff Jones, even though it was 9 years ago. It’s simply not acceptable that the rich, rich & famous, or the politicians and officials who cater to them not be held accountable. There is a link on the website posted above to a video explaining the “suicide” conclusion and it says there’s a place there to state your opinions. Michael Vick was going to get a pass from local authorities until someone risked their job (and later was fired) by going over his boss’s head and telling the feds what he knew. The only way to prevent the rich and powerful from getting away with crimes, covering up crimes, is if we, the people, speak up loud and long. I don’t need to remind anyone that we have said Arubans should have done that. It’s our turn.

Comment from Tanya Buff Hart October 23, 2008, 9:34 pm

Dear Dana, Thank you so much for allowing my sister to tell/share our horrific ordeal w/ you and your listeners! First class show all the way and I got pretty choked up a couple of times. Since this has happened to my sister “Dee” other cases really upset me even more like little Caylee. I was pregnant w/ my daughter, Sierra ,when Davina was murdered. Elaine and I were talking and if you would like the book “Out With Three” please let her know and we will send you one…You truly seem to care. The book is available on and procedes go to the Davina Buff Jones Justice Fund if anyone may inquire. Thanks again. Respectfully, Tanya Buff Hart

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